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Winners: BBAW Bookmark giveaway

At the end of this post are some very rough instructions for making these bookmarks. has spoken, and it has selected the first 5 bookmark winners.  It has also selected the next 5, assuming mailing these goes as expected.

  1. Jenn (who doesn’t like pink, and has one of the most popular names in book blogger land)
  2. Beth F (Who likes blue. I hope this helps my karma for winning the bookmark she’s giving away!)
  3. Corinne (Maybe the bookmark will get there in time for you to use it for Catching Fire)
  4. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) (who has a much better review of Tallgrass than mine.)
  5. Marta (my fellow Miss L’eau blog tour member)

I was thrilled with how many of the winners were bloggers that I know, through their blogs and twitter and discussion forums.  Then I realized that by the end of BBAW, that was true for most of the participants!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by for this giveaway, and particularly those that already know my blog, or checked it out while they were here :-).

BBAW bookmarks

Yes, I did make these myself.  Here are some very rough directions for how I made them. I may be doing it horribly wrong– I had the idea, and looked at just enough beading stuff to figure out how to make it work.

Supplies: Glass beads, charms,  flexible beading wire, crimp beads, .75-1.5in wide ribbon.  I buy all my supplies at Michaels.

Tools: Wire cutters, needle nose pliers, scissors.  I raided my husband’s tool collection, but they sell them at Michaels as well.


  • I figure out what bead/charm I want for the end, and loop a piece of
    beading wire around it
  • I use a crimping bead to close the loop.
  • I string the rest of the beads on the wire,
  • Then make a loop at the other end, using another crimping bead.
  • Put the ribbon through the loop
  • and pull the wire tight.
  • Crimp the bead in place and trim the wire.

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