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Oogy Winners

Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway for two copies of  Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin.

Thank you to Hachette Books/Grand Central Publishing for allowing me to host this giveaway.

The animal loving winners of this book are

  • Wanda B
  • Ruthie B
  • Judy

I’ve contacted them for their addresses!

Oogy is a wonderful book, please check it out at your local bookstore when you see it on the shelves after October 12!

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Winners: Sizzling Summer Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners of Forever’s Sizzling Summer Nights Giveaway!

Each one will get a copy of all 5 books pictured below.  Thank you to everyone that participated, and to Hachette Book Group for allowing me to host this giveaway.


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Winners: Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

Congratulations to the winners of Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden!

Forever/Hachette allowed me to host a giveaway for 5 copies, and here are the lucky winners:

  • Scorpio M. (already won a copy)
  • Meredith Miller
  • Marlene Breakfield
  • elaing8
  • sue brandes
  • Chelsea B.

This book is part of the huge Sizzling Summer Nights 5 book giveaway ending on 9/1/2010, so go enter there if you didn’t win here (or if you did, but want to win some of the other fabulous books).

Thank you to Forever and thank you to everyone that entered– a particular thanks to those of you that provided a favorite contemporary romance to add to my list to explore.  Some of these include

  • A Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
  • Dream Man by Linda Howard
  • Knock Me Off My Feet by Susan Donovan
  • MaryJanice Davidson’s romances, especially Sleeping with the Fishes
  • The Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson
  • Living With Your Kids Is Murder
  • The One That I Want by Alison Winn Scotch
  • bet me by jennfer
  • Hannah’s List (Macomber)
  • LEAD ME ON by Victoria Dahl

Some of these authors I know, some I don’t… yet!


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Winners and more: The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean

The Disappearing Spoon is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year (see my review), and I think it will have a very wide appeal.  I’m very excited to be able to pick 2 people to win a copy, thanks to Little, Brown and Company/Hachette Books.  I strongly encourage everyone else to obtain a copy from their book provider of choice, and support the production of fantastic books like this one.

Sam Kean will be interviewed next week on Blog Talk Radio next week, and I’m including the announcement at the end of this post.

The lucky winners are:

  • Bailey
  • Barbara

Thank you to everyone that answered the bonus question– I enjoyed reading the responses, particularly the punny ones (“My favorite element is Iron because when you put a lot of Fe in a circle you have a ferrous wheel.”) .  All together, 16 different elements were mentioned, with gold getting the top spot (with 5 people including it), followed by iron.

Blog Talk Radio Announcement

(I’m including this announcement because I want to support the book.  I don’t know anything more about it that is listed here, I’m aware there is an issue with the date listed.  I think it’s Wednesday, not Thursday, but I’ve sent e-mail to clarify!)

Join us as we interview


On BlogTalkRadio

Thursday, Aug. 18, 2 PM ET

Publisher: Little, Brown

samkean.jpg cid:image002.png@01CB3AF8.CE1675F0

BlogTalkRadio/HBG Program:

Sam Kean talks about love, history, death, and discovery all from the periodic table of elements.

Sam Kean is a writer in Washington, D.C. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Mental Floss, Slate, The Believer, Air & Space, Science, and The New Scientist. He is currently working as a reporter at Science magazine and as a 2009 Middlebury Environmental Journalism fellow.

Call-in with your questions during show time to participate in the live interview @ (646) 378-0040

Listen-in or chat on the Little, Brown channel on BlogTalkRadio.

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Winners: To Surrender to a Rogue

Thanks to Hachette Books/Forever, I was able to offer a giveaway for 5 copies of To Surrender to a Rogue by Cara Elliott.

For a bonus entry in the drawing, I asked what style of romance people prefer.  Unsurprisingly, there were a variety of answers.  I did have some company in liking books where the characters spend time getting to know each other, then fall in love.  However, many of you like the fireworks at the beginning, and I think you will really enjoy this book.

Thanks to, the winners are

  • Scorpio M.
  • cjsime007
  • etirv (already won elsewhere)
  • Crystal F
  • Teresa W.
  • Lucy Balch

I’ve already sent them e-mail, and hope to hear back quickly!  Thank you to everyone that entered.


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Winners: To Desire A Devil

Congratulations to

  • Jaime P
  • Deedles
  • Beth
  • etirv
  • coffee

They’ve each won a copy of To Desire a Devil from Hachette Books via my giveaway.  This was probably my favorite romance novel of the year (I’ll be looking back over my 2009 reads soon, and will confirm), so I suspect the winners will enjoy it as well.


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Winners: Life After Genius

Life After GeniusThank you to everyone that entered my giveaway and to Hachette Book Group for allowing me to host it. (See my review  for Life After Genuis.) says these are the winners:

  1. Ellie W
  2. Lisa
  3. Alicia
  4. Cara Powers
  5. Lindsayphoto

I’ve e-mailed them, and will submit their information.

If you didn’t win here, try these sites:

Check my blog for other my other giveaways– I keep a list  in my sidebar.

Enjoy your reading!


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