Review: Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr

01 Dec

Bring Me Home for Christmas (Virgin River, #16)My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

(This rating include an extra .5 stars for being exactly what I wanted to read at the time)

I love a sappy Christmas story. One where the community comes together, where the main character finds true love and her purpose in life, and everything is so happy could cry.

This was that kind of book for me.

Summary via

This year, Becca Timm knows the number one item on her Christmas wish list—getting over Denny Cutler. Three years ago, Denny broke her heart before heading off to war. It’s time she got over her silly high-school relationship and moved on.

So she takes matters into her own hands and heads up to Virgin River, the rugged little mountain town that Denny calls home, as an uninvited guest on her brother’s men-only hunting weekend. But when an accident turns her impromptu visit into an extended stay, Becca finds herself stranded in Virgin River. With Denny. In very close quarters.

As the power of Christmas envelops the little town, Becca discovers that the boy she once loved has become a strong and confident man. And the most delicious Christmas present she can imagine.

Overall, it was a nice romance, as were the other couple of books I’ve read in the series. I liked Becca, and Denny was a genuine Nice Guy (the kind of romance hero I prefer), even if a bit damaged by events in his life. They both have caring relationships with their friends and families, but still something was missing without each other.

One aspect I particularly appreciated is how each of the main characters grew in their understanding of themselves as they understood more of the other person’s side of the story of their shared past. When they were previously involved, they were very young, but neither really appreciated how that affected both of them.

The town of Virgin River is a character unto itself– a collection of people that stumble in and stay for whatever reason. It’s a town that takes care of its own, even when it isn’t Christmas, but when it is Christmas, and there is a big storm… As I said, this book isn’t for those that don’t like sappy.

The one issue I had with this book is one that has bothered me a little with other books in the series. I’m not sure why it is more of a problem for me here than in other romances, since it is a theme present in most books I’ve read in the genre, but there it is. Simply, it’s the idea that True Love is present if and only if the sex is amazing. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

I hadn’t realized how many books there are in this series, but there doesn’t seem to be any need to read them all or to read them in order. They are simply a set of books set in the same small town. There are some key central characters, and others pop up occasionally, but I haven’t run into much in the way of continuing stories. Since the books are romances, there isn’t a worry about giving away the ending of previous books. I take it as a given that the couple will end up together, and (for this series) living in this little town.

I received this book for review via Planned Television Arts, thank you for this opportunity.


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2 responses to “Review: Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr

  1. Diane@BibliophileBytheSea

    December 2, 2011 at 3:52 am

    I enjoyed Virgin River and Virgin River Christmas a few years back, so hope to try this one as well. Glad you loved it.


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