Review: Goodie One Shoes by Roz Siegel

07 Sep

My rating:3.5 stars

Overall I enjoyed the story and the characters in this unusual mystery.

Summary via

A Jimmy Choo Sandal. A Manolo Blahnik mule; a Sergio Rossi slide, a Prada sliver-heeled boot. As magic as Cinderella’s glass slipper. Even when they don’t fit, they can determine your life—or end it. Emily knows these things because she owns a discount shoe store on the colorful Upper West Side of Manhattan—Emily’s Place a neighborhood hangout for shoe lovers, where customers could find a sympathetic ear, a hot cup of coffee and the perfect shoe. Unfortunately, someone has decided that a sexy stiletto-heeled shoe is an excellent murder weapon. A member of the Emily’s Place “family”—the staff of women who run the store and love the shoes in it—is murdered with a red Jimmy Choo high-heeled shoe—sharp as an ice pick, the spiked heel is embedded in her head. Emily is still reeling from the shock of her friend’s murder when a bag is shoved through her mail slot containing the mate to the shoe that was the murder weapon. Emily realizes that her store and everyone connected to it is a target and that a psycho killer is stalking them all. In fact the killer seems to particularly want Emily to suffer. She insists on working with the detective assigned to the case, Paul Murphy to find the killer—and she will do whatever it takes. It’s personal.

I expected chick lit meets mystery, and certainly aspects of both were present in the book. Overall, it was heavier on the mystery and lighter on the chick lit. In fact, I’d call this more of a big city cozy!

Emily was a much more mature (in all senses of the word) adult than is usually implied by the term “chick”, which I appreciated.  This isn’t unusual for the lead character in a cozy. The community around her shoe store was a very big city crowd, but still had the feeling of the “everybody knows each other” environment in a cozy mystery. It was a bit grittier than a cozy, but that fit with the setting, and it worked for me.

I liked Emily, and I enjoyed the mystery component, but I did have some issues with the book– not major ones, luckily. The secondary characters were interesting, but felt a bit forced at times. The writing felt a bit clunky at times, and I didn’t get as immersed in the story as I would have liked and expected.

Overall, I enjoyed it, and would pick up another book by this author.

I received a copy of this book free for review purposes.

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