Review: Fun and Games by Duane Swierczynski

30 Aug

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really fun, exciting read.

Summary via Goodreads:

Charlie Hardie, an ex-cop still reeling from the revenge killing of his former partner’s entire family, fears one thing above all else: that he’ll suffer the same fate.

Languishing in self-imposed exile, Hardie has become a glorified house sitter. His latest gig comes replete with an illegally squatting B-movie actress who rants about hit men who specialize in making deaths look like accidents. Unfortunately, it’s the real deal. Hardie finds himself squared off against a small army of the most lethal men in the world: The Accident People.

It’s nothing personal-the girl just happens to be the next name on their list. For Hardie, though, it’s intensely personal. He’s not about to let more innocent people die. Not on his watch.

There was running, chasing, exploding, shooting, bombing, and so on. The only breaks from the action are the brief bits where there is an attempt to figure out the reasons behind the chasing, shooting, etc.

It was important not to think too hard while reading– characters kept getting into situations that should have been fatal, and then they almost magically kept going.  This applied to good guys and bad guys alike.

The characters are interesting (but don’t get too attached to anyone other than Charlie, even with the superhuman survival power on display, the bodies stack up). There’s definitely more backstory to discover in future books, but this isn’t a character study. It’s an adventure, and it works very, very well on those terms.

I received this book for review from the publisher.  Thank you to Mulholland Books!  I have the next book  (Hell & Gone) and I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

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