Audio Review: Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

21 Oct

Skulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant, #1)I’m sorry that I don’t remember which Twitter friend recommended this book to me, because I’d like to thank them.

Summary via

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant. Sure, he may lose his head now and again (in fact, he won his current skull in a poker match), but he is much more than he appears to be—which is good, considering that he is, basically, a skeleton. Skulduggery may be long dead, but he is also a mage who dodged the grave so that he could save the world from an ancient evil. But to defeat it, he’ll need the help of a new partner: a not so innocent twelve-year-old girl named Stephanie. That’s right, they’re the heroes.

This book was tremendous fun, particularly in audio.

There are quirky characters, both in the good guys and the bad guys (and it isn’t always immediately apparent which category each falls into). Stephanie is a very nice young girl with a good head on her shoulders. Thanks to her uncle, who wrote books describing some absolutely unbelievable adventures, she’s able to go along with the situation when her help is needed to save the world.

The book is a great adventure. It got a little more intense than I thought it needed to at points, but overall it was the fun kind of scary.

I’m looking forward to the next book!

Audio Notes:
Narrator:  Rupert Degas was amazing.  His portrayal of Skulduggery Pleasant in particular really made the book come together.

Production: No issues with it.

Audio vs. Print:  Definately audio.  The adventure story lends itself well to audio.  The narration really brings Skulduggery to life.   There’s just enough wordplay to make it all around fun to listen to.

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