Review: Home Again by Mariah Stewart

23 Sep

The Chesapeake Diaries: Home Again(Check out my giveaway for Home Again, ending 10/8!)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Home Again, but…

I had one significant problem with this book, and that was the description on the back cover. while I was reading the book, it felt simultaneously spoilerish and misleading, and cut into my enjoyment of a chunk of it.

But the content of the book itself was great!

Here’s the summary I put together for my giveaway:

Dallas MacGregor is a highly successful Hollywood actress– but that success didn’t carry over to her choice of husband. Luckily, the divorce was almost final before his latest creative endeavor, a sex tape with two young women, hit the Internet. It’s pretty clear that his interest in Dallas is only what she could do for his career, and his interest in their 6 year old son is non-existent.

Dallas returns to her childhood retreat and the one person that can really understand the pressures of Hollywood life– Her Great Aunt Berry, a Hollywood legend, and her estate in a small town.

Dallas begins to rebuild her life, and build a new life for her son, while she tries to figure out what role (if any) her childhood sweetheart will play.

I read Coming Home first, but it wasn’t necessary. Both books can be read in either order without affecting your enjoyment of them.

Coming Home was a small town book mixed with romantic suspense, Home Again was a small town book mixed with an emotional drama. The tension in this book was in Dallas’s relationship with her ex-husband, a truly unpleasant fellow. Luckily for the reader, he’s almost entirely off-stage, and what we see is Dallas protecting her child and rebuilding her life.

I loved Dallas’s Aunt Berry, and the relationships Dallas began to build with other women. The character of the town continued to come through in this book.

Dallas’s son young Cody was handled well, considering that, although he was vital to the plot, the book wasn’t about him.  He read as a fun, rambunctious  6 year old, and there was just the right amount of him.  I also liked Grant’s daughter, Paige, although I think that she read more like 13 than an 11 year old– I don’t think my daughter and her friends are THAT young for their ages.

Grant was much more my kind of guy than many romance heroes, but he wasn’t perfect. That’s fine, and the relationship built (or rebuilt, since they were childhood sweethearts) in a nice way.  Both Home Again and Coming Home are fairly mild in regards to the sex scenes– you decide for yourself if that’s a positive or negative

I did have some issues with the way the logistics of love story played out in the end, but I’m willing to look past those as part of the constraints of the genre.

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My reviews of Coming Home and Home Again, as well as my giveaway of Home Again, were part of a TLC Books tour.  Thank you to Lisa for arranging for my copies of these books.


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