Review: Saba by Mary Jane

08 Jul

SabaMy rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This was an interesting book, with some very nice pieces to it.

There wasn’t so much a plot as an arc to the book– we follow Aaron and Erin (husband and wife) through their journey to change their lives.

Saba alternated between their points of view, with a very occasional other person thrown in, usually for comic value. I felt this allowed me to get to know Erin better, but Aaron was simply a very shallow character. I think he was intended to be a person without depth, as opposed to an interesting human with a portrayal that lacked interest. It doesn’t matter, I never really connected with him as a person or a character.

We meet Erin and Aaron at the end of their vacation, a visit to the small island of Saba. They have a perfect day, followed by a perfect night, then return home to their normal lives.

Aaron runs a tanning salon. He likes this job because he gets to ogle pretty women and has lots of time to read on his Kindle.

Erin is a middle school math teacher. She mostly enjoys her classes with the advanced students, but the “Practical Math” classes with the less academically motivated kids are less fulfilling. One student finally drives her to the breaking point, and she retreats home to examine her options.

The option she chooses, and convinces Aaron to try as well, is to move to Saba.

The rest of the book covers their attempts to settle into life on the island. Neither of them adjusts easily, but it’s a chance to grow. They each take a different path, consistent with their personality.

Some parts of Saba show signs of loving craftsmanship, of being written and rewritten until each word is perfect. These are some of the spots where the words pulled me out of my enjoyment of the story. I’m not a person who reads for the words, I want the words to deliver the story for me.

This book was a quick read, and I enjoyed it, primarily for the humor and the character of Erin, as well as for the island of Saba itself.

I bought this book on Smashwords to read on my Nook.

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