Review: How to Lose a Client by Becky A. Bartness

25 Apr

How to Lose a Client: A Kate Williams MysteryMy rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I’m feeling wishy-washy on my ratings. I clearly enjoyed this book, and certainly didn’t find anything wrong with it. It just didn’t quite make it all the way to four stars.

From the Murder Mysteries, LLC website:

Kate Williams, Esq., has just started her own criminal defense law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, when Katherine Paar aka Tangerine, a new client, walks in and proposes a lucrative deal to bring Kate on as her attorney. Things get complicated and events unfold quickly when the body of Tangerine’s ex-lawyer is discovered and Tangerine disappears. Kate, aided by MJ, her tattooed, pierced, and fashion challenged paralegal, Sam, her sometimes cross-dressing investigator, and a cast of characters straight out of a John Waters movie try to unravel the bizarre mystery and save Tangerine’s life.

This was a fun read, with zany characters that reminded me of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, without being quite as crazy and over the top. Kate Williams herself is in the process of pulling her life together after some major changes. The chaos was fun, but I hope she gets settled in for future books– she seems like a with-it person overall.

The mystery worked well enough to carry the story, with some unexpected twists and turns along the way. There was a good mixture of progress made by thinking of what had happened already, and of the story moving along by people running/chasing/being held at gunpoint and so on.

The writing was slightly off.  Not enough to bother me or get in my way, but someone who is sensitive to the words rather than the story might have more of an issue with it.

Personally, I enjoyed the Phoenix setting. I lived there for several years, which added to the appeal, but I think she throws in enough details on the locale to make it interesting even to those that have never been there.

The book is worth picking up for a quick, enjoyable read.

Becky Bartness has written two earlier Kate Williams mysteries.  I now have How to Ruin a Vacation on my (long) list of books to read. For more information on the series, go to Murder Mysteries, LLC.

I received this book for review from the author, thank you for the opportunity.

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