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Readathon: Update #2

24 Hour Read-a-thonIt’s now 10pm, and I’ve been reading off and on since 5am.  I’ve finished two more books since my last update:

  • I also got in another 2 hours on my audiobook (Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer)
  • Can you tell I haven’t been keeping close records on my time?
  • I also left comments on 12 blogs, and tried on 5 more!
  • I’ve enjoyed chatting with other readathoners on Twitter.
  • Nap, dinner, family, so on all got some of my time.

I’ll be at this a while longer, and I’ll post a short wrap-up post when I’m done, and a longer  end post in the morning.

Next up is probably Call Me Hope by Gretchen Olson.  My daughter brought it to me, and was very disappointed I didn’t read it right then.  I don’t know if I’ll take on another book after that, we’ll see.


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Readathon– update #1

24 Hour Read-a-thon8 hours in, 2 books finished!

In progress

  • ~45 minutes of listening to Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer (which I will NOT be attempting to finish!)


  • Some real life things to deal with.  Nothing important, really.
  • One of my bags of snacks disappeared.  I picked it up to bring upstairs, and then the phone rang.  I realized I didn’t have it upstairs, can’t find it downstairs.  I blame the cat, who was the only other occupant of the house at the time.
  • I’ve been looking at the mini-challenges, and keep thinking I’ll come back to them.  So far, I haven’t.  Oh well.

Up next:

  1. In some order, lunch and cheerleading.  Probably some more audiobook listening over lunch.
  2. Next book will probably be a romance or YA.  Something very easy to read.
  3. A nap will probably happen sometime before my next update.


  • Thank you, cheerleaders!!!!!!

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24 Hour ReadathonSo, after much waffling, I’m diving in to today’s readathon!  I finally decided I needed some “me time”, particularly heading into spring break next week.

I’m aiming for a very achievable goal of 4 books, particularly since I’m raiding my (11 year old) daughter’s supply for some of my choices.  She’s supposed to deliver some to me after she wakes up!

I’ll be updating 4 or so times today, plus possibly participating in mini-challenges.  Sorry to any readers who aren’t interested.  There won’t be any other content today, so feel free to skip over everything.

I’ll be cheering for a little while today– I’m probably taking an early afternoon break and a just past midnight break from reading to cheer on my fellow participants.

I’m not as prepared as last time.  I have snacks, but they aren’t conveniently bagged.  My sodas aren’t even in the fridge!  I have a shelf of books, but haven’t thought about my options, and I have other books that aren’t up here with me.   I’m not even bothering to count them. I don’t have my “nest” in the guest bedroom prepared.

None-the-less, I’m getting started.

First up?

Godmother by Carolyn Turgeon

And for the first mini-challenge, 3 facts about me:

  • I’m a mom-at-home to a wonderful daughter
  • I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up
  • I have a recent post with trivia about me

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