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Review: Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole & Gena Showalter

Deep Kiss of Winter (Includes: Immortals After Dark, #8; Alien Huntress, #5) One of the two stories in this book worked for me, the other didn’t. I hadn’t read either author before, and was starting mid-series in both cases.


KRESLEY COLE delivers a breathtaking tale of a brutal vampire soldier about to know love for the first time…and a Valkyrie aching to be touched.

Murdoch Wroth will stop at nothing to claim Daniela the Ice Maiden — the delicate Valkyrie who makes his heart beat for the first time in three hundred years. Yet the exquisite Danii is part ice fey, and her freezing skin can’t be touched by anyone but her own kind without inflicting pain beyond measure. Soon desperate for closeness, in an agony of frustration, Murdoch and Danii will do anything to have each other. Together, can they find the key that will finally allow them to slake the overwhelming desire burning between them?

GENA SHOWALTER puts a daring spin on a tale of huntress and hunted…and concocts a sensual chemistry that is positively explosive.

Aleaha Love can be anyone — literally. With only skin-to-skin contact, she can change her appearance, assume any identity. Her newest identity switch has made her an AIR (alien investigation and removal) agent and sends her on a mission to capture a group of otherworldly warriors. Only she becomes the captured. Breean, a golden-skinned commander known for his iron will who is at once dangerous and soul-shatteringly seductive, threatens her new life. Because for the first time, Aleaha only wants to be herself….

First, the good news. I’ll be looking for more of Kresley Cole’s work after reading Untouchable. I did worry at the beginning– there was a lot to pick up about the world she’d created, and I thought it might get in the way of the story. That was an issue for the first chapter, but then I had enough information to immerse myself.

The setup– two (supernatural) lovers, fated to be together, but held apart by their very natures– isn’t new, but I liked the way it was pulled together here. The idea of Danii as a creature of the cold, freezing anyone she touches, being burned in return isn’t one I’ve encountered before.

Be aware, the story is VERY hot, even before the lovers solve their problem (Maybe that should be a spoiler, but did you REALLY think they wouldn’t figure it out?). Take this as a warning or recommendation, depending on your preferences :-).

I did have some issues with the characters and the plot, but I was having too much fun to really care!

The second story, Tempt Me Eternally, didn’t work so well for me. I’ve said before that I can go with almost any premise, as long as the rules of the universe are laid out in the beginning. Vampires? Check. Creatures of the cold? No problem. Shape changers that take on the complete image of someone they touch? Why not! Aliens coming to Earth because there are women here and falling in lust with one across the field of battle? Nope. Can’t do it. Sorry.

I didn’t finish this one. It just wasn’t working for me, but you may feel differently.

Thank you to Pocket Books for providing me this book for review.


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