Review: Babydoll by Allyson Roy

10 Sep

babydollMy rating:4 of 5 stars

I feel like I’m saying this a lot recently, but Babydoll isn’t what I was expecting. The comparisons to Janet Evanovich had me expecting something lighter and quirkier.

From Allyson Roy’s web site:

In the last three months, three models have been found dead around New York City, each with a lock of hair missing. It would be just another tabloid headline to Saylor Oz — except that her best friend Benita’s brother stands accused. Saylor is convinced someone is reenacting the events of an old movie called Bad, Bad Babydoll. But no one else thinks so — not even the sexy P.I. on the case. Undeterred, Saylor and Benita must infiltrate the modeling world and put themselves in harm’s way.

Leave it to Saylor to connect the dots leading to the real killer . . . but not before she becomes the next target.

Babydoll wasn’t particularly light, and although it had some quirky characters, it wasn’t a quirky book.

It was a mystery with interesting characters and some really entertaining secondary plot lines. It walked an unusual line between gritty realism and larger than life wackiness.

Saylor Oz is a short (but larger than life) sex therapist. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s got a no nonsense approach to sex that she inherited from her aunt (but not her mother), and is quite attractive to the men she encounters. She’s also got a strong sense of what’s right, and a need to make sure that the right side prevails, even if it means taking action to her own detriment.

I enjoyed Saylor as the main character, but I also liked some of the secondary characters, particularly the women. Saylor’s conversation with her long-suffering mother was very funny (and was one of the few places that the book did remind be of Evanovich). The aunt that Saylor has identified with all of her life was a fun character, even if she left a lot to be desired as a role model. Benita (Saylor’s roommate and best friend) was another smart, strong woman to be reckoned with.

Most of the men weren’t as interesting to me.  I did enjoy the setup of the rivalry between the two men that Saylor pursued a relationship with.

As should be expected of a book featuring a sex therapist and clues coming from a porn movie, there was a lot of sexual content in the book. Whether this is good or bad is up to you– some of it is straight for laughs, some of it is interesting background, and some of it is showing the, umm, relationships between the characters.

I think the male-female writing team that makes up Allyson Roy (Alice & Roy) gives the book an interesting texture.  There were times that the book felt like a “guy” book, and times that it had more of the woman’s touch to it.

I’ll be tracking down the first Saylor Oz book, Aphrodisiac, to read at some point in the future.  I wasn’t bothered by jumping in at book 2 of this series– I didn’t feel I was missing out because I didn’t start at the beginning, but I also don’t feel like I was told so much about the first book that I don’t need to read it.

tlc-logoIf you aren’t quite sure if Babydoll is for you, or if you are so excited you can’t wait to start reading, check out the excerpt on Allyson Roy’s web site.

I read this book as part of a TLC Book Tour. I want to thank Trish for including me and sending me this book.


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2 responses to “Review: Babydoll by Allyson Roy

  1. Allyson Roy

    September 10, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    We just wanted to stop by and say thank you, Laura, for reading BABYDOLL — and for your intelligent and insightful review.

    Also – if you or any of your followers have questions for us, we’d be happy to answer them!

    Alice & Roy / Allyson Roy


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