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July wrap-up

j0439526July was a very good reading month.  I decided to make reading a summer priority.

I read 15 books— 10 on paper, 5 audiobooks.  Wow!

This brings my total for the year to 71 books.  28 of these were audio, the rest were paper.

What did I read? I’ve listed them, and  (in keeping with the recent meme) I’ve also noted where my copy came from.  I always disclose if my copy came to me (free) for review.  I only request/accept books I want to read.  The source of the book does not affect what I write about it.

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On paper

I’m currently reading Halting State by Charles Stross and listening to Slam by Nick Hornby.  They won’t quite make it into July, but will by my first books finished in August.

I posted my first 4 giveaways this month, thanks to Hachette Books (This is part of why I have so many books from the publisher on my list– they offered great books to give away!).  2 are complete, with the names sent to Hachette.  I picked the winners for one last night (see the previous post), and one remains open!  They were fun, and I will continue to do them as long as books I’m interested in are made available.

My favorite books for the month were probably Last Night in Montreal, The Castaways,  and Mind Scrambler. They were all good books, but I’m not sure I’ll find any of them memorable a year from now.  There weren’t any particularly bad books, either, but I try to avoid those to start with.

After spending my first months  blogging telling myself I wouldn’t get sucked into reading challenges,  I started two of them this month.

everythingausten2The first was the Everything Austen challenge at Stephanie’s Written Word.  I’m not off to a very good start on this one, with exactly 0 of 6 items complete.  I’d wanted to watch one of the movies (probably Emma) with my daughter, and the logistics just didn’t work out.  I’ll probably try to watch a movie and read a related book in August, to get myself back on schedule.

Sookie StackhouseThe second was the Sookie Stackhouse challenge at Beth Fish Reads.   I’d seen the discussion around this on Twitter, but since I hadn’t read any of the books or watched the TV show, I wasn’t very tempted.  Then I ran into the first book when looking on NetLibrary for something to listen to.  If I enjoy a series, I tend to want to read through it, so I figured I might as well join the challenge.  I’ve now read the first 2 out of 9 books.  I think I’ll listen to about 2 per month until I’m finished or I decide I don’t want to read the rest, whichever comes first (challenge or no challenge, there are too many books out there to spend time on ones I don’t enjoy)

Looking into August:

I have specific dates to read:

Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz (A buddy read with @lithousewife)
Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout (for Twitter Book Club)
Two Years, No Rain by Shawn Klomparens (The Summer Reading Series at Books on the Brain)
Laced with Magic by Barbara Bretton (Book Tour with Pump Up Your Book)
Looking for Alaska by John Green (Book Club L)
Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas (Book Club M)

Beyond that, I want to clear out more of my backlogged review books, I’ll read books for my challenges, and I’ve requested several other books for giveaways.  As always, there are too many books to read.  The joy of the book blogging world is how many more of them I discover now.


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