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Movie Review: My Sister’s Keeper

I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult for my book club L in January 2007.  I liked the book, and we had a good discussion of it.  Many times since then, I’ve thought I should read another one of her books.  I’ve picked up one or another, read the back, and thought it sounded interesting.  I’ve been almost ready to buy it, and then asked myself “Do I really want to read that?”.  So far, the answer has been “No, not right now”.

mysisterskeeper_smallposterI asked the same question when I heard that there was going to be a movie of My Sister’s Keeper.   This time, the answer was yes, assuming I could find friends to see it with.  I did, and I saw the movie last week.

I liked the movie.  But then again, I usually do.  In my post on book ratings yesterday, I said that if I think I’m going to like a book, I usually do, but that doesn’t preclude me being critical of it.  With movies, I’m even more likely to like a movie, and even less likely to be critical.  I find a movie really pulls me into its world, and it takes a lot to push me out.

That said:  I think the acting was wonderful.  I liked most of the choices that were made in what to keep and what to change from the book.  Jesse (the brother) got the raw deal in the process, having the parts that were actually about him removed entirely, but these decisions have to be made.

I was somewhat disappointed about the change to the ending, but I understand why it was done.  There were those in my book club that hated the original ending as well, and I can see their point!  The four of us that saw it together couldn’t come up with a completely satisfying ending, although wiping out the entire city with a giant meteor had its appeal.

I’ll recommend this movie for a girls night out (or in, when it is on DVD).


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