Review: Pushing Up Bluebonnets by Leann Sweeney

12 Jul

Pushing Up Bluebonnets (Yellow Rose Mystery #5) rating: 4 of 5 stars

(This is book 5 of the Yellow Rose Mystery series).

For the first 3/4ths of this book, it was probably my favorite of the series. It seemed to have a maturity beyond that of the earlier books.

When former FBI agent and now small-town police chief Cooper Boyd asks for Abby’s help indentifying a young woman who’s fighting for her life following a murder attempt, the job seems easy. But when Abby discovers this girl may be connected to a prominent Texas family, her questions about the victim’s past become stickier than pecan pie. And she’s about to learn the hard way that when she crawls out on a limb, she’d be better be certain there’s not someone behind her with a saw and a mean spirit….

I was reading along and enjoying the book. And then I got to the end. And it made no sense.

So I went back and listened to the end again.  And then part of the middle.  And decided the who-done-it did make sense after all.

My confusion is mostly my fault. When the large number of minor characters were introduced early on, some of them failed to make a significant impression. A key player (but I didn’t know it then) was in this set.

And then I spaced out at the wrong time.  That happens sometimes when real life is happening around me.

So, my fault.  At least mostly.

Anyway, I still love Abby & Jeff. I like the character continuity from the last book.

The mystery is a little less, well, fluffy than the previous books.  It was edging away from “cozy” and toward mainstream mystery.  Just a little.

It is still a good read, and I’d recommend it. Just keep track of those minor characters.

I’ve also reviewed the fourth book in the series, Shoot From the Lip by Leann Sweeney.

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