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June reading wrap-up

book stackI’ve read a total of 11 books in June. My pace has pretty much held steady since May, well above my reading goal of 4 paper books, 4 audiobooks per month.

This brings my total for the year to 56 books, 23 of them audiobooks.

So what did I read? (click the titles to go to my reviews)

On paper:

And as audiobooks

My favorite book for the month was The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale.  There were no bad books, and only one that really didn’t work for me.

Looking into July, I have a bunch of books scheduled to read:

And others I’d like to get to.  I’ll have a choice as to audiobooks, but I probably don’t want to be this scheduled on physical books again soon– one scheduled book per week is all I want to have,  I think.  It won’t be any problem to read them all, and each of them (with the exception of Black Dahlia) is something I’m looking forward to reading.

I hope everyone else had a good reading month, and has an even better one coming up!


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