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Bloggiesta Wrap-up

After this post, we will return to our regular book-related programming!

bloggiestafinishIn the last 48 hours, I’ve put in about 17 hours of work on my blog (my goal was 18) and I listened to 4 hours of an audiobook (my goal was 6 hours of reading). I may be cheating a bit with that, because 2-3 hours of that listening was while I was working on my blog :-).

I completed7 mini-challenges:

On my original to do list, I worked on these items:

  1. Explore Self-hosting. (more on this below)
  2. Back up my blog (done)
  3. More book shots– find old photos (2 done. Hopefully I’ll find more later)
  4. post on what makes a book work for me as audiobook (solid draft done)
  5. Create a permanent page for each of my book clubs. (done for now)
  6. Make a page for badges. (first pass done. Needs work)
  7. Integrate Technorati, Book Blips, etc. (started, Needs work)

I have 6 posts close to ready to go, which is amazing to me. I did a bunch of small bits and pieces of work on little things.

I spent less time than I expected on my major task for the weekend. I looked into self-hosted WordPress running on our ISP. I ran into two problems. First, they are running an ancient version of WordPress. Second, our two domains being hosted in the same place are really confusing something. Glitches abounded.

My husband did some research and contacted tech support. I’m going to try to work on this more in a few days, but it will be a major undertaking just to get the infrastructure in place :-(.

As for what I didn’t do:

  1. Giveaway template, first posts (didn’t even touch this)
  2. Review Angels & Demons (didn’t touch this)
  3. Look into memes I might want to use. (didn’t touch this)
  4. Find a scalable approach for Review list. (didn’t touch this)
  5. Add currently reading to sidebar. (didn’t touch this)

This there are also 5 challenges I didn’t complete, and would like to work on even when Bloggiesta is over.

And I discovered I need meta tags, and can’t figure out how to use them on this blog.

For me, the best part was the community aspect of the time spent, having other people working “with” me.  A close runner up was having an excuse to use to concentrate on my blog, a reason my husband and daughter both understood :-).

Next time, I will set aside more time for working on my feed and visiting other blogs.  I simply didn’t get to that this time, probably because it didn’t occur to me beforehand that would be part of this process.

This was a VERY productive 48 hours for me, and I want to say a big thank you to all of the mini-challenge hosts, to everyone that stopped by to comment, and to all the supportive folks on Twitter. I want to give a shout-out to my new blogging buddies– Woo Hoo! This is going to be great!

And a special, huge, I can’t say enough Thank You to Natasha at Maw Books. She came up with the idea, organized it, and helped us all and cheered us all though the process.

I’m thrilled to think about doing this again some time.


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