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What do my ratings mean?

questionsSeeing a question in the subject, you might be expecting an answer here.  But the answer is “I need to decide”.

I need to figure out if my ratings reflect how good a book is, or how much I like a book.

I wish those were the same, but really, I liked Twilight quite a bit.  It really wasn’t good, but I found it enjoyable.  I didn’t like The Visible World at all, even though I could recognize it as being a high quality book with lots of positive characteristics.  Often they coincide, but not always.

Books are rated compared to what type of book they are.  I don’t expect the same complexity of plot in a mystery for kids as for adults.  I expect more characterization but less depth from a romance than a literary novel.

I think for now, my ratings will reflect how much I like a book, with some influence from how high quality it is.  I’ll let the review speak to any differences between those.

After all, there is only so much that one number can tell you.

If you rate books, what do your ratings mean?  What would you like to see?


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