Field Trip!

11 May

My favorite author is in town this week.  Or a few towns over, about a half hour drive away.  On Tuesday night, Laurie R. King will be talking about The Language of Bees (see my review), and I’ll be there to hear her read from it, listen to her answer questions (and try to come up with one of my own), and (hopefully*) get my copy signed.

I thought back to the last time I went to an author event at a bookstore, which happens to be the last time LRK was touring with a book.  I came out very excited, looking at the list of upcoming authors and flagging the ones I’d like to see.

It didn’t happen.  It was too hard with all of the normal day to day activities.

I hope I’m as energized this time.  Maybe this blog will give me the excuse to follow through.

*The Kepler’s web page says that only books bought there can be signed.  I was planning on bringing my Amazon copy (that I’ve already read and reviewed) and use my book budget for buying books I haven’t read.  Now I’m in a quandry…

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