Review: Dead Ex by Harly Jane Kozak

23 Apr

Dead Ex Dead Ex by Harley Jane Kozak

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This book was a fun read (or listen, in this case).

The basic plot was a “someone being framed for murder, best friend to the rescue” standard. The details were unusual, with entertaining twists and turns.

I loved the main character, Wollie. I should have found her hard to connect with: a 6 foot tall denizen of the L.A. celebrity set (she isn’t a celebrity herself, although she has a brush with it), but I was clearly riding through the book with her– laughing as the situations she got into inspired some of her “alternative greeting cards”, worrying about the trouble her best friend was in, concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend.

She’s got a new guy in her life, and doesn’t quite know where she stands. She’s sleeping in his apartment, with her stuff in a suitcase in her very own walk in closet. Both of them are having a little trouble (or maybe too little trouble) separating work and pleasure: She picks up a job as a “dating correspondent” for a soap gossip show, he’s an FBI agent with an undercover role dating a beautiful woman.

I don’t know if the portrait of life in the community surrounding a soap opera was realistic or not. I don’t really care, I enjoyed suspending disbelief. The characters were all exaggerated (in a good way), larger than life. The situations the characters found themselves in were as well.

I particularly enjoyed the “You will see Greeks everywhere” thread running through the book. Wollie is commissioned to paint a mural featuring Greek Mythology, in spite of knowing nothing about the subject. She is told that as she learns more, she will notice Greeks and Greek mythology everywhere, and so it happens. Perhaps this should have been more subtle, but subtle doesn’t describe anything about this book.

In general, I found this book a very quirky read, and one that I enjoyed. I will read more of the series at some point.

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2 responses to “Review: Dead Ex by Harly Jane Kozak

  1. Sharon

    April 27, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    I like quirky!


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