What I’m reading

16 Apr

I’m always reading multiple books at a time.  I’ve usually got something going in each of these categories:

  • A book for each book club (current count: 2)
  • An audiobook
  • A paper book (no e-reader yet)
  • a fluffy book
  • a more serious book (non-fiction or literary fiction)
  • a favorite book for bedtime listening

A book can fit in more than one of these at a time– it isn’t unusual for me to be listening to a “serious” book for a book club.

These aren’t my only simultaneous reading categories.  I’ll also add another book in the mix when:

  • I misplace a book I was reading.
  • Someone loans me a book.
  • My daughter hands me a book and says “you should read this”.
  • A book catches my attention and I want to read it NOW.

I always count my book club books as “currently reading” as soon as the previous meeting is over, even though I’m likely to open them until a week ahead of time.  I try to time my reading so I finish just before the discussion (although I misjudged my schedule for the last two books and had to scramble at the last minute).  I go ahead and count them because they are in the mix of books I’m considering each time I sit (or lay or whatever) to read.

So, what am I reading now?

  1. I’m listening to Malice Domestic (a collection of short stories I downloaded from my library via Overdrive).
  2. I’m reading Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspeare.
  3. I’m occasionally picking up Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  It tends to be in an inconvenient location or I’m just not in the mood to read it.
  4. For book club L (meeting at the end of April) I’m reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (and I’ve been having a hard time keeping my hands off of it, but I expect it to be a fast read).
  5. For book club M (meeting at the beginning of May) I’m reading Cures for Heartbreak by Margo Rabb.
  6. For bedtime (and sleepless in the middle of the night) listening, I have The Moor by Laurie R. King.

What are you reading now?  How many books do you have open at a time?

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